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In 1983 Promo Graphics Inc. was launched in a tiny four room apartment with the bathroom serving as the "Darkroom" and the kitchen table as the first "printing station".  The "operations" soon out grew its surroundings and had to move to the basement of an old house in a quiet suburban town.  When tractor trailers began pulling up to the residence on a regular basis (and the neighbors began to whisper) it became clear that this little enterprise was ready for a name and home of its own.  In late 1985 Promo Graphics Inc. was born. The original "printing station" has been replaced with semi-automatic flat bed presses and the darkroom no longer has an alternate function.  With a lot of support from family and friends, Deb and Ann have carved out a niche for themselves and built Promo Graphics, Inc. into a thriving business that resides in Middlesex.

Deb Rossello is a founding member of Promo Graphics, Inc. and now heads the Design Department and Operations.

Ann Billiris Fisher (An Old College buddy) joined the team in 1987.  Ann heads the Sales Division, runs the office and has raised two incredible children.

Promo Graphics, Inc. offers you a broad range of services in addition to traditional screen printing.  Over the years Deb and Ann have developed a complex network of associates in connection with the industry.  With the large network of professionals we can meet your needs!  So when you don't know where to turn, give us a call and let us go to work for you.

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Promo Graphics, Inc. is a proud supporter of NJAWBO (New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners) and ASI.

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